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New Characters :O Oh my!

2008-03-31 21:26:54 by Trennto

Alllllrighty, I've recently gotten the urge to write a novel :O But to make a novel, I'll need some characters... so I'm making some cool ones up >.> So far the book is going to be about an orphan who is found under mysterious circumstances and left at the doorstep of a secluded Order of shadow mages and trained to be one of them. The mysterious boy is found to be unordinarily talented, but he questions the Order and tries to make his own way and to find out about his mysterious past as well as the outside world. Guided by a rebel mage within the Order he finally decides to escape but is caught in a siege against the Order by religious fanatics who want to purge the world of their dark magic. The boy manages to escape, but vows revenge on the society of fanatics that think they're doing the world a favor. The boy goes on many adventures and meets strange and wonderful characters as he learns a new side to his abilities and discovers the world on his journey of revenge.... a journey who's purpose changes along with the young mage throughout the novel.

It's an interesting idea, but it's VERY rough at the moment. Whatever the case, I'm starting to come up with a host of really awesome characters and I'm planning to start posting up pictures of them as I develop them. Expect some cool art showing up, hopefully colored and not on notebook paper xD

Here's a sketch of the main character so far. I'm trying to go for an anime style to the characters just out of ease and because the book strikes me as something that could be easily made into a manga or anime :O enjoy :)

New Characters :O Oh my!


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2009-06-26 16:21:01

You are way too hard on yourself... your stuff is good and with time I'm sure you will get it to a point even you are happy with it. You are already showing 100X more understanding about drawing than most I see popping up in the portal. I'm sure you will be scouted soon bat as your account is somewhat empty, sorry it will not be by me.

Keep up the good work :D

Trennto responds:

Thank you, I appreciate it. Maybe I am a little hard on myself... but I've matured enough to know that showing off wont get me anywhere. I feel better being humble and letting the praise and attention go to those that want or need it. Even though people have commented on my artistic talent for most of my life, I've never wanted to be an artist. Perhaps it's a waste of talent, but I know people who work hard to be artists and do what they love... it's not fair for me to show them up.

The submission of my art was an experiment, and the results are interesting. Thank you again for your comment, despite my modesty it would be rude for me to not appreciate a praise :)


2009-06-29 00:19:07

Man Angel postin Art and shiiiiiiiiit. I knew you would love the art portal, too bad I cant view your art from your page :P, I have to go and search for it


2009-06-29 00:19:42

Wait I take that last part back.... You can view the art on your page >.<

Trennto responds:

Noice :P But yea, art portal's coo'. Idk if I'll be making tons of art for it, but it's fun to see what people say and it gives me something to do


2009-07-07 13:26:14

That's crappy? Man I'm going to kill myself then D: you are one hell of an artist, you should see my drawings, THOSE are crappy :3 man I love your work and you should keep it up like that

Trennto responds:

lol, thank you I really appreciate :) You're right though, it seems unfair for me to go around saying my drawings are crappy... I do it to seem humble, but it just makes me a dick xD it would probably be better to just post things up normally without all the tears and missing self-confidence :)

To be honest, this little experiment to put up art has turned out pretty cool and I guess I can start being a little more relaxed with the whole thing. I'm gonna go through and change all the descriptions right now xD Thanks for helping me realize it xD and yea, I do feel a little more artsy recently without school to keep y busy, so expect some new art ;)