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Posted by Trennto - March 31st, 2008

Alllllrighty, I've recently gotten the urge to write a novel :O But to make a novel, I'll need some characters... so I'm making some cool ones up >.> So far the book is going to be about an orphan who is found under mysterious circumstances and left at the doorstep of a secluded Order of shadow mages and trained to be one of them. The mysterious boy is found to be unordinarily talented, but he questions the Order and tries to make his own way and to find out about his mysterious past as well as the outside world. Guided by a rebel mage within the Order he finally decides to escape but is caught in a siege against the Order by religious fanatics who want to purge the world of their dark magic. The boy manages to escape, but vows revenge on the society of fanatics that think they're doing the world a favor. The boy goes on many adventures and meets strange and wonderful characters as he learns a new side to his abilities and discovers the world on his journey of revenge.... a journey who's purpose changes along with the young mage throughout the novel.

It's an interesting idea, but it's VERY rough at the moment. Whatever the case, I'm starting to come up with a host of really awesome characters and I'm planning to start posting up pictures of them as I develop them. Expect some cool art showing up, hopefully colored and not on notebook paper xD

Here's a sketch of the main character so far. I'm trying to go for an anime style to the characters just out of ease and because the book strikes me as something that could be easily made into a manga or anime :O enjoy :)

New Characters :O Oh my!