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help.... me.... I cant... stop.... watching........ too much.... funny......... buying.... shirt

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Why did you post this.

That was a random, crappy ad for a website. It felt like spilling a drink on yourself. It's embarassing, I lost time watching it, and it'll be hard to get that mind-stain off.


Super entertaining, and great animations.

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<Excited thumbs up!>

Wow, that game was absolutly amazing. Beautifl even. I couldn't tell that it was a flash game. Super entertaining. Posibly the best of it's genre. Superb job, I can't wait to see what you do next (no pressure)

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Not worth it.

Dude... there are way easier ways to get porn. If you want this to work you need to add instructions, and a game fun and/or cleaver enough to get you to say, "Wow, that was cool/fun, AND I get porn." That way there's a cool reward system. But this is just guessing at some poor excuse for a "game" just to see a slideshow. Again, there are way better ways to get porn.

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Hellz yes

I'm a huge melody junkie, and I gotta say: this really satisfied my melodic needs. It's catchy and sounds awesome, with some great transitions (like the first one, love it). Drums were done well too, and placed well through the song, not repeating too much (like some of your past work).

Hoooooowever - as every review has a however - the melody loops through the entire song. Even though it's built up really well, you should consider having at least one more completely different melody that compliments it, and introduce it perhaps during a breakdown or after a build up; you can even try for one that can sound good overlapped over the original. Don't get me wrong, this melody is awesome, and you did a good job of keeping it fresh, but another would do it well. I really hope this isn't really the 'final' version :( I know it can improve a lot, it has potential.

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Maxxx01 responds:

I would rather move onto to a different and better song. But if I really feeling like adding a new melody I will.... I have the new melody, I just suck at transitions atm

Awesome, but not trance

I really like this, I have it downloaded. I like the hard bass and dark riffs, it reminds me of hardstyle, but still something totally unique. However, I think "trance" is misleading.

Whatever the case, I really like your unique style and I cant wait to see more from you. In terms of improvements, I wouldnt mind some more melody and less use of the repetative bass (well, that's just me and my weird opinion :P). I still think it gets a 10/10, 5/5, but remember: everything can improve.

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hmmm...cool (pun intended :D)

The song has a really great feel to it, I almost fell asleep (in a good way). It feels really chill, so the name really fits. Keep 'em comming!

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